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Training punching bag DBX Bushido 140 cm / 40 kg

NOK 1999

Pear-shaped uppercut punching bag 25kg

NOK 1799

GU04 Training band Pro Set HMS PREMIUM Strength training at home

NOK 199

Dips belt X-TECH 2 Bushido

NOK 399

PREMIUM Powerlifting Belt in leather - DBX-WB-1 - M

NOK 699

PREMIUM Powerlifting Belt in leather - DBX-WB-1 - L

NOK 699

Weight vest for women with a load of 8 kg | HSE KTO08

NOK 899

20 kg - Training Weight Vest - 6 inserts DBX-Vest 3.0

NOK 1599

50 kg - Training Weight Vest - 24 inserts DBX-Vest 3.0

NOK 3099

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-3-M

NOK 299

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-3-L

NOK 299

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-3-XL

NOK 299

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-4-M

NOK 349

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-4-L

NOK 349

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-4-XL

NOK 349

Wrist wraps in leather 2 pcs | HSE ONX

NOK 249