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Are you tired of monotonous training routines that don't give you the results you want? Then it's the perfect choice for you! With us you will find a wide selection of equipment and accessories for functional training , so that you can achieve your training goals in an efficient and exciting way.

This type of exercise focuses on improving your overall strength, stability, balance and mobility. By engaging several muscle groups at the same time, functional training simulates natural movements and everyday activities. This means that you will be better equipped to cope with physical challenges in daily life, whether it is carrying shopping bags, playing with the children or participating in other activities you enjoy. offers a wide range of products adapted to functional training. From weight plates and kettlebells to slings and bands, you will find everything you need for varied and effective training. Our selection comes from recognized brands that guarantee high quality and durability.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced, the training will help you reach your personal training goals . With the equipment from, you can train when and where it suits you best, whether at home, at the fitness center or outdoors.

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DC30 Pilates bar bar HMS

NOK 399

GU04 + GU06 Training band Pro Set HMS PREMIUM

NOK 449

GU04 Training band Pro Set HMS PREMIUM Strength training at home

NOK 199

Mix Set PREMIUM HMS Training Resistance Bands

NOK 499

HHM16 Rocking with weight + BR163 Slim belt set

NOK 899

HHM16 Rocking with weight and magnets + counter

NOK 799

Push ups racks with 6 levels of height adjustment PRO

NOK 1749

Smart hula hoop with weight ball + abdominal belt black

NOK 699

Pink rocking ring with weight + sweat belt black

NOK 699

Hula hoop Adjustable purple with LCD counter + stomach belt

NOK 699

Rocking with weight blue + abdominal belt

NOK 649

Smart hula hoop with Weight Ball - Adjustable green with LCD counter

NOK 559

Smart hula hoop with Weight Ball - Adjustable pink with LCD counter

NOK 559

HHW09 Smart hula hoop with Weight Ball - Adjustable purple

NOK 559

Smart hula hoop with Weight Ball - Adjustable blue

NOK 559

Belly Band - BR163 RED One Size HMS

NOK 119