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In our online store you will find a wide selection of quality products that will help you improve your weightlifting sessions. Regardless of whether you are an experienced weightlifter or a beginner looking for the right equipment. We have everything you need to succeed.

Our range of weightlifting equipment includes everything from weightlifting bars and weight plates to lifting straps. We know how important it is to have reliable and functional equipment when you train. You can therefore rest assured that all our products are of high quality. They are made to withstand the toughest training sessions.

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Dip belt X-TECH Bushido

NOK 299

Dips belt X-TECH 2 Bushido

NOK 399

Weight vest for women with a load of 5 kg | HSE KTO05

NOK 699

Weight vest for women with a load of 8 kg | HSE KTO08

NOK 899

20 kg - Training Weight Vest - 6 inserts DBX-Vest 3.0

NOK 1599

50 kg - Training Weight Vest - 24 inserts DBX-Vest 3.0

NOK 3099

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-3-M

NOK 299

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-3-L

NOK 299

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-3-XL

NOK 299

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-4-M

NOK 349

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-4-L

NOK 349

Weightlifting belt leather DBX-WB-4-XL

NOK 349

Composite 20 KG set of dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells

NOK 999

Composite 15 KG set of dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells

NOK 749

Neck trainer – Training device for neck muscles

NOK 399

Weight vest 10 kg (4 x 2.5 kg) loaded vest with weight - weight vest

NOK 1099