Mouth guard - Everything you need to know to protect your teeth

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If you do boxing or other combat sports, you know how important it is to your safety. A mouthguard can be an absolutely crucial part of your safety equipment, and can help prevent serious tooth damage during sparring or training. But how do you choose the right mouth guard ?

mouth guard during sparring

What should you look for when buying? 

In this article, we will go through different types of mouthguards , how they are used, and why they are so important for the health of your teeth.

How does a mouthguard work to protect your teeth?

A tooth guard is a protective device that is placed over the teeth to avoid damage from blows and shocks during combat or training. It is usually made of acrylic or rubber, and is designed to provide the best possible fit to the wearer's teeth. Mouthguards can also be used to prevent injuries to the mouth and jaw, as well as reduce the risk of concussions.

Different types of mouthguards 

There are different types of mouthguards available in the market. Some are made of soft material that can be shaped to the user's teeth, while others are more rigid and offer better protection. Here are some of the most common types:

1. Standard mouth guard: This is the simplest type of mouth guard, and is best made of a soft rubber or plastic material. This type of mouthguard fits most people and can easily be bought at a pharmacy or sports shop.

2. Custom mouth guard: A custom mouth guard is made specifically for the user's teeth, and therefore provides a better fit and protection. This type of mouth guard can be obtained from your dentist, and is usually made by taking an impression of the wearer's teeth and then creating an acrylic mold that fits the teeth perfectly.

3. Braces Guard: If you have braces, you may want to invest in a brace that is specifically designed to fit over the braces. These mouthguards are usually fins made of soft silicone material and can provide extra protection against shock and impact.

How to wear a mouth guard during martial arts?

New mouth guard must be used correctly to provide optimal protection. Here are some steps to help you use the mouth guard correctly:

1. At the same time, rinse the mouth guard with water before use to remove any dirt or dust.

2. If the mouth guard is fitted, use boiling water to heat it up. Then you carefully place it in your mouth and bite together to shape it.

3. If the mouth guard does not fit, you can simply place it in your mouth and bite down firmly to secure it in place.

Remember to take care of your mouth guard by storing it in its case when not in use, and check it regularly for any damage or wear.

The importance of mouthguards in martial arts

Boxing and other sports involve a high risk of dental damage. A blow can cause them to break, loosen or fall out, which can be painful and expensive to repair. A mouth guard acts as a cushion between the teeth and the force of the blow, helping to prevent such injuries. It is therefore important to always use a mouth guard during training or matches.

Summary - Mouth guard - Everything you need to know to protect your teeth

- Mouthguards are important to protect the teeth from damage during sparring in combat sports and boxing.
- There are different types of mouth guards available, including standard, custom and orthodontic mouth guards.
- Mouthguards must be used correctly to provide optimal protection, and should be cleaned and stored correctly.
- Investing in a mouthguard can help you avoid painful and costly dental damage.

Always remember to wear a mouth guard during martial arts training or sparring to protect your teeth and ensure your own safety.

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