Boxing gloves - which size to choose from the best gloves? 🥊🎯

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Boxing Gloves - How to choose the best size gloves?

Boxing gloves for boxing or other martial arts? - there are many legends about the supposedly simple topic of choosing the right size of boxing gloves, which we will try to explain to you today.

  • It's worth taking a moment to read, because you'll save yourself and your sparring partners some health, and that's what it's all about.
  • I will also explain to you how to choose boxing gloves to protect your hands and give you some interesting facts about them.

Oz is the weight of proper boxing gloves, not the size.

The first thing you encounter when choosing a size is the enigmatic, at first glance, numerical definition of Oz, that is, the number of ounces, and thus the weight of a specific model. This system has been used by almost every manufacturer in the world for years, where one ounce (1 oz) is equal to approximately 28 grams . It's worth emphasizing, the number of ounces does not need to and usually does not translate to the size of a specific glove size.

What affects the size of good boxing gloves?

The size of a particular model of the boxing gloves is primarily determined by the materials used - especially the filling of the gloves. Most types are filled with foam, but depending on the parameters, the volume and weight can vary significantly.

On the market you can also find many types of models of boxing gloves with layered filling, where each layer is made of a different material and with different parameters.
An additional element that can affect the weight of the gloves can be additional inserts around the wrist area or in the blocking zones (wrist protect), as is the case, for example, in the following glove models:

Boxing gloves for boxing or other martial arts - which size to choose from the best gloves?

Does the weight of good boxing gloves affect the size?

To some extent yes – this is most evident when comparing the 6, 8, and 10 ounce weights. As in the pictures below:

Boxing gloves for boxing or other martial arts - which size to choose from the best gloves?

However, this difference ceases to be so noticeable from the weight of 10 and above. With higher weights, the outer volume of the gloves increases, which is related to the use of more and more foam in the impact zone. The inner size of the gloves is very similar and the difference usually does not exceed 1 cm. Which in the case of boxing gloves is not so important and can be reduced by using boxing bandages or inner gloves.

Boxing glove liners are shown below: 10 and 14. As you can see, the cartridge in 14 ounce gloves is larger. The dimensions A and B in both cartridges are very comparable. So the outer volume of the gloves and the weight have increased, but the inner size is very similar.

Boxing gloves - which size to choose from the best gloves?

Boxing gloves for boxing or other martial arts - which size to choose from the best gloves?

Weight vs boxing gloves different size

What does the weight of the glove depend on?

It depends on the size of foam it is filled with. Most of the gloves available on the global martial arts market are filled with molded foam. Different foams have different shock absorption. Gloves filled with layers are less common. Gloves in smaller weight options – 6, 8 or 10 ounces – have larger differences in size. On the inside of the insert so here the weight of the gloves really affects the size.

However, in options above 10 ounces, this dimension does not change so significantly. The thickness and density of the foam insert and surface changes. The internal measurements between the individual weights are millimeter differences. which does not have much of an impact on whether the gloves will fit larger or smaller hands.

Individual markings on boxing gloves shall be interpreted as follows: 6 ounce - for children aged 6 to 10 years. 8 oz - for youth, women and people with small hands, 10, 12, 14, 16 oz - for adults. Weight differences between gloves from 10 to 16 oz can be compensated by the use of boxing bandages.

So how do you choose the right glove size/weight for buying boxing gloves?

Since you already know that the weight of gloves given by manufacturers does not necessarily go hand in hand with the size of the glove. You are probably wondering how to choose the right and quality one for yourself in this situation?

Fortunately, among the vast majority of boxing glove manufacturers there is an unwritten standard presented in the table below:

Glove weight —- Purpose
4oz – 6 oz —- > Gloves for children up to about 10 years
8oz —- > Designed for youth up to 15 years and ladies with small hands.
10 oz – 12 oz —- > Gloves intended for adults
* Purpose: technical training, devices
14 oz and heavier —- > Gloves intended for adults * Purpose: sparring

Description of boxing gloves from 4 to 8 oz

Starting with the smallest gloves of 4 oz , they are dedicated to the youngest adepts in boxing or other martial arts. Usually up to 6 years .

Gloves 6 ounces slightly larger and can be successfully used for children up to approx. 10 years .

8 oz gloves are a good choice for ladies with small hands and for teenagers up to approx. 15 years .

Starting at a weight of 10 oz, the inner size of the gloves is adapted to adults with normal hand sizes. From this weight, subsequent weight options do not affect their inner size that much (maximum difference is usually within 1 cm). So the choice of a specific weight option should be determined by their intended use, which I will write about in the next section.

Description of boxing gloves from 10 to 16 oz

10 oz gloves are designed for training on devices such as backpacks, shields and the like. They allow you to develop speed and dynamics.

12 oz gloves are also suitable for training on the devices (wall bag, reflex ball, speed ball) . Is also good for boxers who train with a partner . They provide better damping of the impact force, therefore increasing the safety of the sparring partner in various tasks. They are a good compromise between weight and shock absorption.

14 oz gloves are quite heavy, have a thicker foam insert, which is why they are perfect for sparring. They perfectly absorb the impact and make it easier to block blows during training with a partner.

The same goes for 16 oz boxing gloves, which are large in size and weight. Therefore, they are intended for sparring training with a partner. It is worth consulting with the coach which gloves are used in the club and which are best for you.

How must choose quality boxing gloves size depending on the purpose?

As you already know, from a weight of 10 oz, the inner dimensions of the gloves do not change much.
Their outer size changes due to the use of more and more foam in the impact zone. If the gloves are larger and thus have a thicker strike zone, the safer they are for your sparring partner.
An additional advantage of large gloves is that it is easier to hide behind them when blocking strikes during boxing. Which will also increase your security. To summarize, big heavy gloves are great for sparring.

The situation is completely different during technical training, for example on devices such as a punching bag or shield. In this situation, lighter gloves would be a better solution. As they will make it less difficult to work with technique, dynamics and speed. So let's summarize in the form of a table which size gloves you should choose depending on the intended use:

Glove weightPurpose
10 ozSpeed ​​and dynamism training
12 oz and heavierFitness and endurance training

Boxing gloves - which size to choose from the best gloves?

How to keep gloves clean? What to do when they smell bad?

After some time, wearing boxing gloves due to sweaty hands will start to emit an unpleasant smell. Of course, the absorption of sweat in gloves can be reduced considerably by using boxing gloves or inner gloves. We will probably not be able to completely avoid this process. So, what do we do? First of all, remember to dry the gloves well after boxing training. However, do not leave them on a hot radiator as the material they are made of may crack. Gloves should be dried at room temperature - preferably in a ventilated place.

Another way that many people use is to put gloves in the freezer overnight. Of course, remember to put the gloves in a plastic bag and do not move them after taking them out of the freezer. Leave them until they regain their flexibility (frozen artificial leather/leather may crack). Such treatment should effectively eliminate the bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell.

Find other interesting things:

In the case of professional gloves used for boxing or other martial arts, fillers with increased density are used so that while the required weight is maintained, e.g.
10 oz, the size of the gloves is reduced to the maximum. In some federations, the gloves used are additionally weighted down around the cuff, which enables even greater reduction of the gloves around the impact zone.
Finally, such gloves, despite weighing 10 oz, are much smaller and harder than those commonly used in amateur inches.
These treatments are aimed at increasing the spectacle of fights by increasing the number of knockouts.


You already know your hands the ratio between weight and size of padding other boxing gloves and which weights to use for a specific use in boxing or other martial arts.
If you are going to take boxing seriously, you will probably eventually equip yourself with at least 2 weight options, both types of boxing gloves. That is, 10 oz for apparatus training and a heavier 14 oz or 16 oz for sparring. However, if you have just started your martial arts adventure and currently can afford to buy only 1 pair of gloves, I suggest the following solution:

10 oz - if you need gloves for training on devices at home (e.g. on a punching bag)
12 oz - if you start a training session in a club and will use the gloves for both apparatus training and partner training.

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Boxing gloves - which size to choose from the best gloves? Summary

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