How to care for boxing gloves? What should I do to get rid of the unpleasant smell?

As you know, all boxing gloves during training are exposed to contact with sweat, and therefore incorrect hygiene quickly ends with the unpleasant smell.

In many conversations in clubs, questions often arise:

  • How do you prevent boxing gloves from smelling?
  • How to get rid of bad smell?
  • Can boxing gloves be washed?
  • How to care for your gloves?


The most effective way to combat an unpleasant odor is to prevent it from forming.

How not to let that happen?

✅ RULE 1 - use boxing bandages or gel gloves!

Boxing bandages ( or alternatively gel gloves) are, as is known, designed to additionally stiffen up the hand and wrist against injury. However, this is not their only function.

Wraps are also designed to insulate the gloves from the sweat that is secreted by the hands during exercise and thus reduce sweat, which is the main cause of mold and fungus formation inside the gloves - let's think about hygiene and.

Boxing bandages can be washed without problems and without risk of damage, even several times a week, thus ensuring good hygiene during training.

An alternative to boxing bandages are inner gloves (gel gloves), which perform a similar function, but are more comfortable and quicker to put on.

✅RULE 2 - Remember to dry the gloves

hygiene of boxing gloves

Boxing bandages alone will unfortunately not solve the problem 100%.

During intensive training, boxing bandages also absorb moisture, which then enters the gloves. It should be remembered that an unpleasant smell is primarily the effect of bacteria and fungi that develop in damp places.

To prevent the gloves from becoming mouldy, they should be dried properly after each training session.

Remember that gloves should be dried at room temperature (which does not exceed 25 degrees), do not dry them on heaters because high temperatures can lead to cracks in the material.

When drying, remember to ensure adequate airflow inside the gloves. This can be achieved, for example, by supporting the glove cuff.

If you want boxing gloves to dry faster and more thoroughly, you should use an additional dehumidifier, which will speed up this process significantly - especially in this area where the natural air flow is quite limited.
For best hygiene, we recommend DBX DRYER for this purpose (read more >>)

dbx dryer better hygiene

How does it work?

  • During exercise, the sweat soaks into your sports equipment, which, combined with high temperature and impurities from the outside, is an excellent environment for the development of mold and fungus.
  • Mold and fungus not only cause discomfort, but can also lead to allergies and difficult-to-treat fungal infections.
how mold is formed hygiene

Both mold and fungus need moisture to develop, so the basic method of prevention is to dry the equipment thoroughly after exercise. Unfortunately, for some products, such as boxing gloves, shoes or training pads, this process is hampered by limited airflow.

According to DBX Dryer, it is necessary to dry the equipment in hard-to-reach places, which blocks the development of mold and fungus.

✅ RULE 3 - clean the outer surface of the gloves

Although most of the processes that result in unpleasant odors take place inside them, you should not neglect to take care of their exterior.

It is on the outside that most of the sweat (yours and your training partners) collects.

Sweat accumulates on the seams, Velcro and ventilation areas (if you have such a model of gloves), which not only reduces their durability, but also generates an unpleasant smell. So remember that the outside of the gloves should also be cleaned regularly.

All you need to do is wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dirt from the surface and then leave them in the open air to dry.


What should I do when our gloves are pierced by an unpleasant smell?

Antibacterial agents, deodorants for better hygiene
✅ Antibacterial agents, deodorants.

The use of different types of antibacterial agents (used equally often, for example, in the case of shoes) is quite debatable, and the effectiveness of this type of solution depends mainly on the effectiveness of the preparation itself. Unfortunately, most of these types of agents only mask the unpleasant smell and can also be a source of allergic reactions on the hands.

In addition, a large part of the air fresheners on the market are based on alcohol, which can damage the durability of certain fabrics and glove surfaces (especially natural leather).


✅ Freezer gloves

One of the oldest and most effective methods of getting rid of the unpleasant smell of gloves is to freeze them.

In this way, we effectively get rid of any bacteria and fungi that have settled in the gloves.

The gloves should be dried properly, placed in a plastic bag and left (preferably overnight) in the freezer. Once removed from the freezer, gloves should not be worn until completely thawed (at least a few hours after removal).

It is very important throughout the process that the gloves are properly dried before they are placed in the freezer

Failure to do so may damage the glove material. We recommend using additional dryers in the drying process, for example DBX Dryer .

✅ Filling gloves with paper good tip for better hygiene?

A common method to help dry boxing gloves is to fill them with paper.

The paper absorbs moisture perfectly and ensures proper drying of the gloves. Toilet paper or paper towels work best. Glossy paper should not be used as moisture absorption is very limited.

Some trainers claim that even better results can be achieved by wrapping lumps of charcoal in newspaper.

The most frequently asked questions about boxing glove care

Can boxing gloves be washed?

Boxing gloves should not be washed. Washing gloves can effectively damage not only the materials, but above all the sponge used to fill them. If you want to clean the gloves, you can gently wipe them with a damp cloth, but remember not to soak the filler.

There is one type of boxing gloves that can be washed in a machine, and it is an absolute novelty and better hygiene!

washable boxing gloves hygiene

How to care for boxing gloves? What should I do to get rid of the unpleasant smell?

As it was written earlier, the basis is not to allow them to become fungi because it is mold and fungi that cause the unpleasant smell.

So remember to use wraps and dry the gloves properly after training.

Can we do anything else?

Glove care varies depending on the material they are made of. Natural leather requires oiling, ordinary vaseline or skin care preparations are used for this purpose. Synthetic leather gloves do not require lubrication, just wipe them with a damp cloth.

When should boxing gloves be changed?

It depends on how often you use them and what condition they are in. If there is an unpleasant smell coming out of something that you cannot handle, advice and cleaning products means that the fungal process of your gloves is already very advanced and it is worth changing them hygienic reasons.

The other serious reason for their replacement should be incorrect filling condition. If the filling of the glove has started to crumble or has already broken down to such a level that the gloves do not provide proper cushioning, it is high time to replace them. Remember that training in gloves with damaged padding is dangerous for both you and your training partner.

Can boxing gloves be dried with a hairdryer?

This is not a good idea because high temperatures can be harmful to some fabrics, especially natural leather. The exception is drying with low temperature or cold air, which some tumble dryers allow.

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