Boxing gloves for children - what should you consider when choosing? 🎉🥊

Boxing gloves for children - what should you consider when choosing boxing gloves for children during training and boxing?

Boxing Gloves for Kids - Improving boxing skills is a great and important method of active recreation. Practicing martial arts makes us more patient, we learn humility, our mental resilience is developed by dealing with training adversity, while improving our physical condition, which goes without saying.

In any contact sport, the beginning is always difficult, when it comes to martial arts beginners, such as children, this problem also applies to parents. The dilemma that parents face before or immediately after enrolling their children in boxing training, kickboxing or muay thai is the question: what and whether to buy gloves at all?

Are boxing gloves necessary for children?

It is a very individual matter. A lot depends on the coach and the way the club works, which we choose for our youth, so don't be afraid to ask at the source - the coach or instructor of a martial arts center. When a child fights against the shadow, gloves will not be necessary, but it should be remembered that wearing them will be the first step in training the necessary habits and will help to get used to this equipment. It is extremely useful in both future offensive and defensive actions.

Boxing gloves for children - what should you consider when choosing?

Do children need boxing gloves for boxing or training on a punching bag?

Yes of course! At this point it should be remembered that martial arts for our children is mainly about general motor development , helping to develop the whole body sport through coordination and increased physical activity, which has nothing to do with exhausting sparring. However, we can be sure that every time a child puts on boxing gloves, morale and enthusiasm will surely increase .

How to customize boxing gloves for children? They should of course be small gloves with a light weight , varying between 4OZ and 8OZ . The training cycles to be carried out by the child will be focused on recreation, technique and exercises with equipment such as: shields, bulbs, reflex balls or the most popular – the punching bag.

What material should boxing gloves for children be made of? Short description:

Synthetic leather gloves are recommended for young people who like boxing, which will be perfect for the first months of training. An interesting compromise is also the hybrids made of combined leather, because the top layer is made of natural leather, and the inner layer is made of synthetic leather.

It should be remembered that gloves made of natural leather are much more expensive, and as we are aware, children grow, therefore this type of equipment should be changed often. Therefore, gloves made of combined leather are a substitute for training comfort and increased amortization, without burdening our wallet.

A method to stabilize the equipment more, boxing gloves with bands or velcro?

Undoubtedly, a problem worth considering is how to stabilize the gloves on the hands. There are two types of equipment on the market – lace-up gloves and Velcro gloves. When choosing, we should be guided by the gloves where the child will feel better. Since this is a very individual matter. Is the best thing you can do to be guided by the comfort of your own child. And try both of these two models.

But if we do not have such an opportunity, we can follow the already well-established patterns. Most parents very often choose to buy Velcro gloves because they can be taken off or on extremely easily and quickly . Something that is extremely practical, and that is worth emphasizing. The child can put them on without anyone's help . When our child, who has a few training sessions behind him, necessarily wants classic knotted gloves. Will we always have time to replace them. Because in this age group, the needs for equipment develop together with the young person's training.

How to choose the size of a pair of boxing gloves for a teenager?

Boxing gloves for children - what should you consider when choosing boxing gloves for children - as a general rule, gloves up to 8 OZ size are suitable for young people up to around 15 years of age. An older teenager is already qualified as an adult when it comes to choosing gloves. So gloves between 10-16 OZ will be appropriate.

Boxing is a great sport that not only helps to maintain good fitness , but also develops positive character traits . It is very good to start training it from an early age, so it is worth buying equipment adapted to the needs of the child and sending them to training without fear. undoubtedly an unforgettable experience!

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