MMA gloves - how to choose the right mma gloves for martial arts?

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MMA gloves - how to choose the right ones for you?

MMA gloves often called grappling or grappling gloves are gloves with an open palm and exposed fingers. Such gloves are designed to protect the hand during impact and at the same time maintain grip.

Due to the thinner shock-absorbing layer, such gloves are harder and more absorbent. To a lesser extent than boxing or kumite gloves blows.

However, the undeniable advantage of this type of gloves is. Their lightness, good ventilation and, as already mentioned, preservation of grip abilities during combat.

MMA gloves with or without thumb protection for training, sparring or fighting.

Opinions on whether grip gloves should have thumb protection or not are divided. Proponents of gloves designed with a thumb guard claim that it protects the thumb from abrasions and increases safety during sparring, but opponents claim that the thumb guard reduces gripping abilities during fights on the ground. So which version should you choose?

It mainly depends on what they will be used for. When buying gripping gloves where the ability to grip plays a very important role, it is recommended to use the gloves without thumb protection. However, if you intend to use them in a stand-up fight (boxing, Krav Maga, etc.) or for training on a punching bag, you should choose the version with a thumb protector.

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What material?

MMA gloves available in the market are available in versions made of natural and synthetic leather. Of course good, the more durable version are those made of natural leather, although among those made of synthetic leather you can find very successful models at relatively low prices.

How to choose the size of MMA gloves?

The most common sizes used by grappling glove manufacturers are size S, M, L, XL, but it is worth remembering that these are not universal sizes and their actual dimensions can vary significantly depending on the make and model of the gloves.

Before buying gloves, read the size chart of a particular model carefully. Remember that the width of the hand is measured at the height of the fingers, excluding the thumb - as shown in the picture.

size mma gloves
  • Advice: when buying MMA gloves for training on a punching bag, the best solution is those with an elongated velcro that allows you to wrap the wrist twice, which provides better rigidity. Remember that it is the wrist that is most prone to injury, so it is worth taking care of the right protection.

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MMA gloves - how to choose the right mma gloves for martial arts?

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